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 Welcome to the Scully's cross fanlisting, approved by the one and only! A fanlisting is a collective of people who have a particular affinity for...well, for just about anything, really. This one is dedicated to the small golden cross that (almost) always hangs around Scully's neck. It has served as a symbol both of Scully's faith and of Scully herself, those times when she has been taken or given of herself. (Below you will find a listing of those episodes in which the cross has played a role.)


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The eps in which Scully's cross played a part. I hope to have screengrabs of at least the most significant ones soon. (If I've forgotten any, please let me know!)

Ascension ... Mulder finds the cross in the trunk where Duane Barry had held Scully.
3 ... "That's from someone I lost." Mulder takes the cross from Scully's x-file and wears it around his neck.
One Breath ... "I was holding this for you." Mulder returns the cross to Scully after her abduction.
Redux II ... "Why do I wear this?" Scully turns to her faith in her battle with cancer.
Christmas Carol ... Scully puts the necklace around Emily's neck. We also see a flashback of Scully and her sister Melissa receiving identical necklaces for Christmas.
Emily ... Scully's cross remains in the weighted coffin where Emily's body should have been. Also, in the teaser Scully picks up her cross from the sand in a dream sequence.
Kill Switch ... This one is arguable, but in the virtual reality the AI gives Mulder, there is a HUGE crucifix above the bed. I don't think it's a stretch to say that's because of Scully.
Fight the Future ... Mulder retrieves the cross from the empty cryopod.
Revelations and All Souls ... In both of these episodes other characters comment on Scully's faith through her necklace.
Milagro ... Padgett tries to reach Scully through religion, having noticed she wears "that gold cross around [her] neck."
Hollywood A.D. ... Tea Leoni, playing Scully in the 'movie,' wears a cross a bit larger than Scully's.
Requiem ... I don't think I recall seeing this one when it aired, and rewatched the DVD after reading it in a transcript. And yes, Mulder is wearing Scully's cross when he's abducted; now I understand "I won't let you go alone." Stupid me, I thought she meant Skinner. o_0
...But she is wearing the cross herself the next season, so...oops, I guess.


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